from my perspective色偷偷人人澡人人添老妇人
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from my perspective色偷偷人人澡人人添老妇人

On the JobThat damned Rachel Cooper was driving me crazy.I could see her sitting behind her L-shaped receptionist’s desk from my office and she’d let her skirt ride up again.What a great sight.I don’t guess she’s that good-looking objectively.She has mousy brown hair, pale blue eyes, and a so-so figure.She may be a little over-weight by fashion model or movie-star standards, I guess.Her best feature is her legs.They are just like I like them, shapely and long.Her ass is pretty good too, but her feature is her legs, I think.She’d been hired during the last expansion, when we promoted the previous receptionist to the logistics section.It was about three months before.It was after a month or so that she reorganized her work area, which changed the position of her chair.Now I could see her sitting from my office.I sat with my door half-opened whenever I was available as part of my open-door policy.I didn’t think anything about it at the time, but was startled to see her in the space between the door and the jamb on the side the hinges were on, working with her skirt riding up, when I rolled my chair over a couple of feet to get a manual one day.I should have said something then I guess or even ignored it, but I didn’t.I just enjoyed the show.It got better when she started wearing high heels every day, just a little higher than average so they really showed off her legs.The show, from my perspective, improved.I liked it, sitting back in my executive chair and talking on the phone with my door opened just the right amount to watch her.To get the proper angle, I had to roll my chair to exactly the right position behind my desk, not optimal for work, but optimal for observing Rachel.I thought it was perfect and didn’t think anyone would notice.With this newfound distraction, I’d sit with an erection whenever I wasn’t in conversation with whoever was in my office for whatever reason, or I was concentrating on paper work.I spent many an hour at home masturbating to those legs and dreaming of them around my neck while I was eating her pussy, I don’t mind telling you.One day, I was sitting there, enjoying the view of her legs and trying to decide whether I should leave work a little early to get to my favorite strip club right when Happy Hour started when I got a notification of a text.At that time of day, God only knows what may have happened so I rolled my chair over the couple of feet and looked at my phone.It was from Rachel.This was pretty unusual, in fact I couldn’t recall her ever texting me.Puzzled, I looked down and read ‘Enjoying the view, perv?’I was thunderstruck.She knew I was watching her?I replied immediately, ‘Excuse me?What are you talking about?’Her answer was swift, ‘Scoot back to where you were sitting to ogle me, and look at the little mirror on my desk then ask that again with a straight face.’ I scooted back over and looked and, sure enough, there was a little mirror clipped to one of her books and it was just possible by looking in the mirror, she could see me watching her through that crack.My face must have shown my surprise as I got another message.‘I thought you’d be surprised.’She never looked up from her computer, talking into her headset and glancing to her desk from time to time.She must have been doing voice to text.What was bad was that sexual harassment was pretty serious at our company.I thought frantically about what could I do.‘Sorry.It may seem like I was deliberately watching, but it was inadvertent.I’ll keep my door totally closed or open from now on.Thanks for pointing this out.’I hoped that text would mollify her, but, in any case, ought to give me an out with any court.‘And give up your show?You’d do that?Come on, what are you afraid of, you pervert?’I licked my lips and scooted back to observe her.She kept on ostensibly working.But she slyly shifted her legs casually so her skirt rode up even further.I couldn’t believe it.I’d seen that move before, she’d obviously been purposefully teasing me for the last month and a half or so.I scooted back out of her line of sight and texted her.‘I don’t know what the heck you are talking about, so let’s just drop it and we’ll both forget all about this.’‘What happened to the promise to fix your door to end the show, perv?’‘Ok, I’ll fix my door like I said, but as far as I’m concerned there’s been no show going on.’I scooted back over and she looked right at me, re-crossed her legs and typed on her computer.She said something into her headset and I got another text that said, ‘Ok now I’m hurt.I thought you thought I was special, perv.Oh well.I’ve got to go, I have an appointment.If you want the show to continue, rearrange your desk this evening after I leave so you can watch me all the time.Frankly, I’m surprised you haven’t done that already.And get me some flowers and put them on my desk to apologize for hurting my feelings.’I was watching her and glancing at my phones.While I was reading the text, I got a knock on my office door and she stuck her head in, “I’m leaving for the day if you don’t need anything else, Mr. Goodwin.See you tomorrow.”Like nothing in the world had transpired.Startled I looked up, “Thank you Miss Cooper.Have a nice evening, I’ll see you tomorrow.”She smiled and was out the front door, locking it behind her.I was floored.I thought about what to do next.Surely moving my office around would leave me open to charges of sexual harassment on the one hand, but she had initiated this second round. Wouldn’t that make her the harasser?I couldn’t think with a hard on.So I did what my erection dictated, so to speak, I rearranged my desk a couple of feet to the right, moved my computer so I could see her while looking at the monitor and went home and masturbated.I took care to order two dozen red roses to be delivered to her desk first thing in the morning anonymously, with a little note ‘Is this better?’They got there just as she was getting settled with her coffee.She read the note, adjusted her mirror carefully and turned back to her computer and sent me a text.‘I think I’m going to go in the bathroom and take my panties off.Would you like that perv?’‘Yes.’ I answered watching her.She came back to her desk, but there didn’t seem to be a huge difference in the show and I looked very carefully.An hour or so later the inter-office mail came and I had, in addition to the normal reports, an envelope marked ‘Confidential’.I opened it first.Inside were pink panties.I left them there and looked up startled with the envelope open. ‘Go ahead and sniff them, perv.’That text was a shot straight to my dick.I put the envelope up to my face with her watching in her mirror and pulled the panties just barely out and sniffed them.‘Nice, huh?Thanks for the flowers, perv.I like flowers.They cover a multitude of sins.Apology accepted.’She crossed her legs and flashed for the smallest instant, her pussy, but I didn’t get a good look.She answered the phone and looked at me in the mirror.Now that I knew what she was doing, it was easy to see her watching me.I honestly thought about going to the executive restroom and masturbating and had to reject that idea when a couple of the salesmen came in with a problem they said only I could solve.I spent the whole meeting distracted by watching Rachel and listening to those bozos relate the details of what was obviously a personal difference.It was like taking care of a bunch of kids.The next text was another shocker.‘Since I’m what passes for your girlfriend, at least in your twisted mind, why don’t you have lunch delivered for me from La Mademoiselle, perv.I like the number six with pomme frites and a diet coke.I’m watching my figure as closely as you are.I’ll eat it at my desk so you can enjoy the show.’‘OK.’I called up and ordered it for her.Her lunch cost $35.This was escalating rapidly and I was finding it difficult to work since I had a hard on all the time.Her lunch came and she ate it, twisting in her chair, showing off her body as she did and watching me watching her.‘I’m high maintenance, but you don’t mind, do you perv?’‘No.I think it’s cute.’‘Good.Why don’t you start bringing a couple of $100 bills to work every day in case I want to get a manicure and pedicure or something.We can use the inter-office mail for something fun.’‘OK.’ ‘You can sniff my panties again if you want, perv.And go ahead, take them home with you and use them for your private perversions.I don’t mind, in fact, I like the idea.’Like I had last time, I sniffed them while she watched, and put them back in the envelope and put the envelope in my briefcase.‘Sweet.’This went on for a couple of months, me buying her lunches, giving her money to get her nails and hair done.She had me open her an account at one of the big department stores so she could buy clothes and shoes and started dressing a lot better, wearing open-toed shoes a lot,欲妇荡岳丰满少妇岳 with rhinestones on her toes and wild fingernail treatments.She made sure I saw and admired every thing she bought, every time.She described in detail the lingerie I had bought her.She was driving me crazy.I texted her one afternoon, just before quitting time, ‘Let’s go out.’‘Where in the fuck would we go to have more fun than this?’‘I don’t know, a movie?’‘You want to ramp it up, huh?OK, pick me up at my apartment at 7:00 tonight.We’ll go to a movie.And bring some nipple clamps, those nice ones with teeth, you know?They’re for you, not me.I like to have something to play with in the movies, and I like to play with nipples, so the combination will be perfect.’‘God, Rachel, I’ve never done anything like that.’‘Good.It’ll be more fun that way.Remember I like the ones with teeth.They have other kinds, but they’re not as much fun.’‘Wait, where do you live?’“Jesus, do I have to do everything?I’m in the confidential company human resources files.Look it up, lie, cheat, steal.I don’t care, this will give you a chance to prove you’ll do anything for me.’‘God.’‘See you at 7.Bye.’She knocked on the half open door and stuck her head in.“I’m heading out Mr. Goodwin, see you.”She walked out.Glumly, I used the master password and looked up her address.It was a tad inconvenient going by the adult bookstore for the nipple clamps and making it to her apartment by 7, but I did it.I rang her doorbell, and she met me at the door and came right out.She got in the car, smirking.“Let me see them.”I showed her the clamps.She opened a button on my shirt, licked the end of a couple of her fingers and rubbed my left nipple, which immediately got hard.She clipped the clamp on and it hurt like hell.She gave it a little twist and my dick twitched, I swear.I had a huge hard on.She did the other nipple the same.It was major pain, but it felt so damned good I couldn’t believe it.“Nice, huh?”She grinned.I took a couple of deep breaths and got my composure.“What movie do you want to see?”“Let’s go to The Randy Cavalier and rent one of their DVDs and watch it there.”The Randy Cavalier was the adult bookstore I had just come from.I couldn’t believe her.I’d never watched a movie in an adult bookstore in my life.She twisted my right clamp and I started the car with an unbelievable sensation surging through me.The feeling was indescribable.I looked down at her open toed shoes with the pedicure and shoes I’d bought her and almost drove off the road.I was in a fog.We got to the bookstore and rented a DVD entitled “Secretary Lust” and took it back to one of the viewing rooms.I couldn’t believe I was doing this with an employee.We started watching the movie as Rachel played with my nipples.The movie was horrible, but the scenes and her fingers on the nipple clamps kept me in constant excitement.We were sitting there, she was whispering in my ear as she twisted the clamps, “Oh, look at that!That pervert, he must be 20 years older than his secretary.How old are you Perv?”“Call me Dave, please.55.I’m 55.”She laughed “What’s wrong with perv?That’s over 20 years older than me lech.”Her laugh was a sexy tinkle.“Oh, look,” she pointed to a hole in the wall.God, it was a glory hole.The enormity of what we were doing hit me, but I couldn’t stop.My balls were starting to hurt, my nipples already hurt, even when she wasn’t twisting the nipple clamps.It was mind-boggling, that’s the only word for it.“Hmm…since this is a date, are you going to want to kiss me goodnight?Most good girls don’t kiss on the first date.Do you think I’m a good girl?”“Yes, definitely.”The sensations were overwhelming.“If I put my fingers under the wall and motion for the guy in the next booth to come here, he’ll stick his dick through that hole, expecting it to be sucked.That’s perverted, too.Do you want me to do it?”“No.”“Oh.That’s too bad.I tell you what.I’ll do it anyway and, when the dick comes through the hole, because you’re such a party pooper you kiss it, then I’ll suck it until he cums and then and only then can you have a good night kiss.Does that sound fair?”I looked at her in shock.“You’re kidding.”“Nope.I’ll agree it’s a little perverted, but I like perverts.I like you, don’t I?I’m offering you a kiss goodnight on our first date.Come on, let’s do it, all you have to do is watch me, then give it a little kiss on the tip, put your lips around the head to get the blowjob started, and I’ll finish it.Heck, I’ll be doing all the work.It’ll be fun.”She let her skirt ride up and twisted both the clamps at once.The guy on the screen was fucking his secretary in the ass; she was screaming, ‘harder, harder, please harder’ and I was overwhelmed, and I heard myself say, “OK.”She smiled, grabbed me by the cock and took me over to the wall with the glory hole.She theatrically put her fingers under the wall for a couple of minutes and a dick, a big dick, in fact, came through the hole.She said, “Oh, yes,” and pushed my head toward it and I kissed it.She whispered in my ear, “You have to put your lips around the head, go ahead, do it,” and kept twisting the clamps.I just did it, for couple of seconds, when she pulled my head back and whispered, “No, no, if you linger longer you’re a cocksucker.I swore I was never going out with another cocksucker.I’ve got this.” and proceeded to slide her lips down until she had the whole shaft in her mouth.After a couple of minutes the guy started ejaculating and she just kept sucking until he withdrew his dick.She looked at me, opened her mouth, and rolled his cum around in her mouth and grabbed my neck and kissed me.I came in my pants.It was awesome.We’ve been married two years now.She got me so worked up one time we went to Vegas on a weekend and I had a hard on the whole time.We got married that weekend.The company didn’t like it.They fired Rachel because she was totally unrepentant and refused counseling.They made me go to sensitivity classes when I acted like I was.Tell me what difference it made after we were married?In any case, I didn’t give a shit except she is high maintenance and I needed the income.Rachel didn’t want to work anyway.I think she spends most of her time at home watching porn, but I don’t know that.I don’t care what the hell she does besides go to the spa, because no matter what she does our sex life is unbelievable and she's 22 years younger, got great legs, and a damned fine ass.That sexual harassment was the smartest thing I ever did.


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