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’ she joked色一情一乱一伦一区二区三区

The next day I woke up with a pounding in my head. My mouth feels like it was dragged halfway through the desert and then promptly stuffed with an old sandal before being dragged back again. Slowly the memories of last night float into my brain. What in the sweet fuck? What had happened to me?I remember pulling up my trousers after probably the best moment of my life, not even bothering to wash myself and heading straight out into the open air. I spent time by the rope swing trying to find the mysterious man and convincing myself at the same time that what happened had actually happened. It was only when I put my hands down my trousers to feel the wetness left over from Sophie's saliva did I truly believe what I’d done.From there my drunk self left immediately. It was too much for a sober mind to compute let alone a drink-addled one. And so somehow, I made it home.I roll over and quench my thirst, only to find my collection of belongings haphazardly thrown onto the side. My wallet, my phone, my smokes and lighter and my little black ring. Picking it up I admire the craftsmanship once again. It really is flawlessly made, and in my hand it definitely pulses. There's no question. My drunk mind was not wrong, the black ring interwoven with purple, flashes to the exact beat of my heart. Now I don't know what you would do in the situation, but I’m not afraid to say that it took me all of two seconds to slip the ring on my finger and decide to never take it off again. This time the rush I felt was lessened, not to say that it didn't make me feel great though. A rush of pleasure licked through my body like a flame, stoking a fire in my stomach and burning away my hangover in seconds. Just like the night before, I felt invincible. Although I took it slow. I laid back in bed, feeling the initial rush subside. I decided to take stock of my body. Now I’m not exactly an athlete but I’d like to say I have an ok body. My chest and arms are well defined from a summer spent in construction and my legs have always been big. I go to the gym at times but nowhere near as religiously as some guys in my school. But with the ring on my finger I felt like I could out lift all of them. Easily. It felt as though my body had sudden access to its peak level of obtainable fitness. My lungs felt big, my heart strong, my pulse firm. Laying in my bed the image of a purebred racehorse came to mind, which made me laugh, because I wish I had that penis length. In my euphoria I took a minute to analyse what this meant for me, this ring. I was young and suddenly had power. But before I let it go to my head, I needed to understand more about the powers behind this ring. Last night it made Sophie want to suck me off, I never said anything to her to suggest that, nor did she say anything to me, it was completely down to physical touch. I had no clue of the lasting effects. Would Sophie remember? Would she want to do it again? At that thought I felt my dick wake up. Automatically I put my hand beneath the covers, only to stop myself. Why wank? Why not test the ring. Twenty minutes later I was up, dressed and showered. My shower having given me time to think. I wanted her. I wanted her badly. The idea of submitting that beautiful woman, tearing her school shirt from her body to expose soft supple skin. Pulling up the skirt that had always been so taut and tantalising, it was almost too much. It was a dream come true. But I decided to wait. Using the power on her needs to be perfect, the situation needs to be right. I couldn't rush this and cause unnecessary trouble. Instead I left the house in search of a test subject. And I knew just where to find her.Fast forward an hour's worth of train journey and a short walk to my favourite book store and there she was. Standing behind the counter in a tight grey tank top and a loose fitting floral skirt that barely brushed past her knees, was Emily. Her pale skin was tinged with sun and her glasses were pushed up, acting as a temporary hairband for her gorgeously bright orange hair.She was the definition of cute. She had a small face, made up mostly of piercing blue eyes, a cute button nose and small lips that promised nothing but goodness. She was in her early twenties, around 5,3 with a smile so infectious that I’d had a crush on her ever since I first stepped in. She saw me loitering outside and beckoned me in with a laugh and a wave.‘Emily!’ I said, as my stomach did a little flip. ‘Hey handsome,’ she joked, ‘back again so soon?’I laughed. I probably visited the shop more than I cared to admit, and that wasn't just because of Emily. I promise. ‘Ah just popped in to say hey, I was in the area. Is Ben around?’‘No no, just old me today. Mondays are always dead around here, you know.’ As she spoke to me, Emily continued to mess around on the computer at the front till. She slipped her black rimmed glasses down and brushed a few loose strands of that red hair out of her face. My dick pulsed. So did the ring. I suddenly realised I hadnt spoken for a few seconds. ‘Uhh yeh, yeh. I get you,’ I said awkwardly, ‘was just wondering.’Shit, why was I so nervous. This power should make talking to girls easy, but I was getting so worked up. I tried to give Emily some sort of command in my head while she worked and whilst I tried not to look suspicious browsing the books. But it didn't work. It seemed as though it had to happen through physical touch.I quickly scanned the near empty bookshop and picked up a random novel to take to the till.Emily smiled up at me as I reached her and handed the book over. As I did I dropped the book. It landed on the desk with a bang and (as I was hoping) we both reached for it. I managed to place a hand firmly onto hers. Time began to slow until it almost froze. I watched with sadistic glee as a spider web of purple lines shot into Emily's hand and spread up and under her tank top. When it reached her blue eyes and turned them a shade of purple I released my grip. Stop. I commanded in my mind. Emily froze. Like literally frozen,亚洲中文久久久久久精品国产 her fingers still raised above the fallen book. Get everyone out of the shop and lock the door.Emily moved swiftly, shooing the guests with a polite but firm demeanor. I took note of that. She didn't seem to lose any of her personality under the rings spell, she was still smiling and laughing with the few people she had to kick out. Once that was done she locked the doors and slowly turned to face me. I hadn't moved from my spot, I leant against the front desk and took in the goddess before me. She was already horny, I could tell. Not just in the way her cheeks had flushed pink, or the hard nipples, or even the panting breath that now filled the quiet room. I knew with the instinctual confidence that you know your own body. It was like I could see into her mind and understand the intimate details of her emotions. I knew what she wanted to do to me and I knew how far she was willing to go.On your knees and crawl to me.Slowly Emily bent down and crawled her way slowly and seductively across the room. Her arse stuck high in the air and swaying gently with each liquid movement. At my feet she stopped and looked up with those baby blue eyes. Suck it.At this point my cock was attempting a prison break with its firmness. When she unzipped my jeans it sprang and hit her square on the forehead. But before I even got a chance to apologise she had taken my head into the warm confines of her mouth and began a slow descent down to my pubes. Unlike Sophie the night before, Emily choked almost immediately, barely able to fit half of my member into her mouth. She pulled away, focusing instead on running her wet tongue around the tip of my penis, moaning as she did so to send vibrations through my shaft. It felt incredible.I placed a hand into the waves of red hair, guiding her slowly back down onto my shaft. This time I spoke aloud. ‘Stop when you can't take anymore. And stay there.’ At this she moaned slightly, nodded her head and stopped her mouth just under half way. Her body jerked once in a small gag. ‘Look at me.’She looked up, blue eyes already brimming with tears that had yet to fall. ‘You are going to swallow all of it.’ I told her. Slowly I pulled her onto me. More and more of my veiny member began to disappear down her throat. She coughed and spluttered, her body jerking with every retch, spit flying from either side of my cock as she gagged more and more. I felt an orgasm building as the tight tunnel of her throat massaged my cock but quickly I pulled out, allowing her time to breathe. She gasped and coughed and spat on the floor. For a second I thought she would be angry but the face that looked up at me held nothing but rapturous joy.Up.I grabbed her roughly by the throat and pushed her back to lay on the desk. You’re mine. I commanded.Everything I do to you you love. Everytime my skin touches yours you get wetter and wetter. She nodded innocently.I tightened my grip on her throat and slowly restricted her air flow. With my right hand I flipped up her cute skirt to reveal grey panties absolutely soaked through with her juices. I placed a hand firmly on her panties and stared deep into her eyes as her face slowly began to turn a shade of purple. Cum. I command. With my hand on her neck it was like trying to tame a snake. Her head stayed still as her face flushed with pleasure but her body thrashed in ecstasy. Legs jerking outwards, knees buckling.I removed the hand from her throat and let her flop like a fish for a few seconds. When she finally stopped I pulled her from the desk and onto the floor, soaking into the pile of saliva left from earlier. Her panties were now an entirely different colour and I took them off to find a bright red mound of trimmed pubic hair glistening above a puffy wet vagina, bathed in its own juices. I nearly came just looking.‘Fuck me’ Emily moaned, ‘Please, please, please, just do it.’I mean, no ones ever had to tell me twice.I positioned myself between her open legs and rubbed my dick on her clit. A low moan escaped her lips.I rubbed again, watching her body tense in tiny spasms and then slowly slipped myself inside her. It was like being sucked into heaven itself. Her moist walls hugged me in a tight grip, tensing along with the spasms of her body and massaging my shaft at the same time. I pulled out and then in, slowly at first but getting faster as her moans turned into shouts. Soon we were a tangled mess of sweat and juices, my body ramming in and out of her at a pace I had never been able to produce before. Her legs were wrapped tightly around my waist and her body held tight to mine. Her clothes were still on and as she held me tight I felt the sodden damp of her skirt clinging to her bare midriff. Pulling away to put a hand at her throat I noticed the sweat patches drenching the grey of her underarms in her exertion. Her mouth was open wide, no longer making noise just open in a continuous look of euphoria. ‘Oh shit’ she said, ‘I’m gonna cum….I’m gonna..’ She never managed to finish the sentence as I pulled out and vigorously rubbed the top of her clit with the head of my dick.She began to squirt.Gushes and gushes of the clear liquid sprayed from her pussy, arching up into the air to spray all over my clothes and to land back onto hers. All the while she was letting loose a guttural moan that sounded as if it came from the belly of some sex beast in a far off land. Not to be out done, I shoved myself back in as she continued to squirt, my own orgasm building. As it did so I tightened the hand around her neck, forcing those blue eyes to stare into mine. I pumped harder and faster, each push sending more of the clear liquid out from her hole. Cum. Cum. Cum. Cum. I began chanting in my head, thrusting and focusing on the building feeling in my own member. My chant had not meant to be a command to Emily, but with my hand on her throat her eyes were suddenly rolled back into her head in her ecstasy.At that look of her covered in her own squirt, wet to the bone, deep in the throws of orgasm after orgasm, I came. I pulled out and sprayed load after load of thick white sperm all over her grey top and beautiful angelic face. She shuddered as the vestiges of her last orgasm wracked her frame. I had time to watch her come down from her high, lick her lips with devilishly glee and kiss me full on the mouth before I passed out on the cold floor beside her in post-orgasmic bliss.