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then said “Don色婷婷亚洲婷婷七月中文字幕

Hi, I’m Brandy.I’m 28 yo Bi Sub, 5”4”, 115 lbs, blonde hair, brown eyes, 32C breasts with permanently erect nipples (have been my whole life), and a shaved pussy.I’ve been a Sub most my life although I didn’t know it for quite a while.I do prefer men, but I am now a very well trained obedient Sub and will do whatever I’m told to by a Dom or Femdom.If you’ve read my some of my other posts about my journey finding out who I am and what my needs are, I hope you enjoyed it; if not let me repeat a little of the intro. My OBGYN once asked me how often I liked to have sex and I told her at least 2 hours a day.She seemed to have misunderstood and asked how many days a week and when I said every day she paused, wrote something in my chart and told me I was “oversexed”.I asked if that was a problem and she said only if it interferes with your life.I almost laughed as it is my favorite part of my life and told her it wasn’t a problem.She didn’t ask any more questions, but I suspect she realized that explained the various marks and bruises in private areas of my body. I have several Doms I see often and even now two Femdoms that I visit infrequently.But I like variety and my sexual appetite is almost insatiable so I need to see different people for different experiences. I am upfront with them and my Doms all know about the others.Everything in my life was fine until one of my Doms contracted COVID-19, so I had to quarantine for 10 days and get tested regularly; well guess what even though I have no symptoms I tested positive which means now I have to remain in quarantine until I have 3 negative tests on three separate days.Good news, I’ve had 2 negative tests now so one more and I’m free again. Still this is a serious problem !I’ve tried phone, video, etc. but none of it works for me; I have to be with someone to orgasm.So I thought I’d write down some of my experiences of being a Sub and share them.After reading the wonderful and thoughtful comments people left me on my prior posts, I am so happy you enjoyed them.I must say reliving each of these experiences as I write them has been cathartic for me.I met one Dom right after I graduated college that was exceptionally strict.Another Fem Sub that I knew told me about him and said he was too strict for her, but she thought he would be a good fit for me.She was definitely right about that.He trained me very well, including training me to cum only on command which let me tell you is not a course I’d recommend to anyone not able to handle a lot of punishment over a long period of time.My Doms all know about this now and use it to ensure I cum when, and only when, they want me to.But this is not what this post is about; it’s about one of the more unique experiences I had with a Femdom in a three person experience with a Male Sub. Note that any names are made up but the story is true.Also, I never thought to mention this in any of my other posts but I’ve intentionally omitted all of our tattoos and piercings so that everyone I write about can remain anonymous. One Saturday not too long ago I was about to go run some mundane errands when a Femdom called me and asked me if I was available to come over to her apartment that she needed my help with something.I quickly replied “yes Mistress, I’ll be right over” and she thanked me.I didn’t know whether I’d done something right or wrong and was a little nervous because no Dom had ever called me before, no less a Femdom that I hadn’t seen for a while.I knew she loved leather so I changed my clothes and added some leather to my outfit so as to be at least visually pleasing when I met her.Her apartment was a mile or so from mine, but it was a nice day so I biked over.I pressed the buzzer to her apartment and she buzzed me in.I chained my bike in the lobby and took the elevator to her floor, then went to her door and rang the bell.It was only a couple of seconds before “Chloe” opened the door.Staring at her beauty I could barely utter the words “hello Mistress”.Chloe was already fully dressed in a full leather dominatrix outfit with chrome zippers.Leather boots with spiked heels and zippered sides ran all the way to her upper thigh, tight leather panties with a single zipper in the middle that ran from almost the very top all the way between her legs and up the back, a tight leather corset that ran from her waist to her chest covering her breasts with zippers that circled each breast, and lastly a leather domino mask that just covered her eyes.She said “thank you for coming over so quickly Brandy.I have a special need today and you are my most obedient Sub which also makes you my favorite.” I replied, “Thank you Mistress, I’ll do my best to please you”.She was holding a thin wooded stick with which my body was all too familiar with as it could inflict both pleasurable or intense paid.Chloe uncharacteristically smacked my butt just enough to sting a little and said “I know you will which is why I chose you to help me with this”.The she told me to come with her into the bedroom and I obediently followed.I was wholly unprepared for what I found there.Aside from a leather outfit she had laid out on the bed for me, there was a male Sub standing on the other side of the room.He too was already fully outfitted and I could tell from the marks all over his body Chloe had already been using her stick liberally on him.His outfit looked very strange to me because although I’d casually spoken with a couple male Subs before, I had never seen one with a Dom.He was wearing a leather hood with a zipper in the back that had holes for his eyes, nose, ears and mouth.His hands were bound behind his back with chrome handcuffs. And the strangest part was his cock and scrotum were encased in this little chrome cage which I could see had dull points all around the inside which must have been extremely painful, especially if he tried to have an erection which the cage would render impossible.He was turned facing the bed, but I could see his eyes were closed no doubt by Chloe’s command.Chloe gave me a minute to take in the scene and then said “this is the special need that I have for you gesturing toward the male Sub.”She said “Don turn to face us and open your eyes, then turned to me and said Brandy remove your clothes but do it slowly”.I understood what she wanted and stripped very slowly, giving the male Sub that I now knew was “Don” a quick peek at my pussy from behind as I folded each piece of clothing and stacked them neatly on a chair by the door.I could hear Don moaning quietly in pain realizing his cock was probably trying to swell inside that tiny spiked cage.I stood naked facing Don with Chloe standing by my side watching him; she seemed pleased.Chloe then instructed me to put on the outfit that was laid out on the bed.There was a pair of leather boots like hers that were a little large for me which I put on first and zipped them up all the way till they covered my thighs.There was a leather corset with a chrome zipper on the side that fit me snugly as I zipped it up.It was almost the same as Chloe’s only mine didn’t cover my breasts; it only had cups the pushed my breasts firmly upward making them look larger.I looked and saw there were no panties, but there was a leather domino mask left on the bed which was identical to Chloe’s which I put on and adjusted to fit comfortably.Chloe instructed me to sit down on the edge of the bed and spread my legs which I obediently did.Chloe walked over to Don, grabbed him by the handcuffs, led him over to where I was sitting and told him to kneel directly between my legs.I saw Don close his eyes and I knew what was coming; there was a loud swishing sound and Chloe smacked Don’s back hard saying “I didn’t tell you that you could close your eyes.Don opened his eyes and just inches away he was staring directly at my pussy trying to hold back the moans of pain.I was very aroused now by this whole scene and could feel my pussy start to moisten. Chloe said “Brandy, spread the lips of your pussy wide” which I did and I could now feel my juices start to flow as my clit began to swell.Chloe then told Don to lick my pussy until I came; Don did not know but Chloe did that I could only cum on command which left Chloe in complete control of both of us now.Don licked my pussy for a long time and although it felt good and occasionally made me moan he really wasn’t very good at it; I thought either he’s not very good at it or was more likely distracted by the pain he was in.Chloe let this go on for a while longer, but I could see she was getting frustrated with Don which was not a good thing.Chloe said “Brandy, show Don how to find your clit and the proper way to lick it” and I replied “yes Mistress”.OK, now I was beginning to understand why I was here.I said “Don, watch” as spread the lips of my pussy with two fingers and pulled back the skin covering my clit exposing the tip explaining what I was showing him.I told Don to hold lick my clit up and down gently with tip of his tongue, starting slowly and then increasing in speed if I began to moan loudly, my final instruction was if I grabbed his head and pulled him toward me he should flatten his tongue and press it firmly against my clit. Don did as I instructed him, with me telling him when he had the right amount of position and pressure.Now we were getting somewhere and I started to moan softly as I leaned back on my forearms and felt those little jolts of pleasure emanate from my clit with each stroke of his tongue.I started to moan loudly and Don did just as I had told him licking faster; I was ready to cum whenever Chloe gave me the command.Chloe let me build up an intense orgasm with Don licking my clit fast; now getting the hang of it he was also using more of his tongue.Vaguely off in the distance I could hear Don moaning in pain no doubt from his cock trying to swell in that little cage.Finally Chloe said “Brandy cum”; I quickly reached forward with both hands grabbed Don’s head pulling him hard against my pussy.He flattened his tongue and pressed it hard against my clit as I had told him to just as my hips arched forward for the first orgasmic spasm.I came hard moaning loudly as my hips repeatedly arched forward, then fell backwards and lay on the bed enjoying the post orgasm feeling of intense ecstasy.Chloe told Don to stand up and step back once which he obediently did saying “yes Mistress”.I sat back up on my forearms watching and waiting for my instructions.Chloe had a little ring with small keys attached to the side of her panties which she removed by opening the clasp.She took a key and opened the handcuffs that bound Don’s hands behind his back; as he brought them slowly around to the side of his body I could see the deep marks they left on his wrists.Then Chloe took another key and opened the lock that held the cock cage in place which just dropped to the floor.Chloe took both the handcuffs and the cage then put them in a tray by the door.I could hear Don breathe a deep sigh of relief and watched with intent interest as his cock throbbed and swelled bobbing up and down until it was fully erect.Don’s cock was above average size, about 9 inches long and 2 inches thick, I couldn’t believe all of that was crammed into that little cage.Looking at Don get hard and the little dark marks all over his cock from the pointed nubs in the cage made me really aroused and I could feel my pussy juices flow as my clit started to harden again.Chloe told Don to step forward and put each of his hands firmly on my waist; Don said “yes Mistress” and did as his was told.I could feel the tip of Don’s cock press against my pussy as he stepped forward and grabbed me by the waist.Chloe slid a loop made from a metal cord around the top of Don’s scrotum and pulled it until it was secure; attached to the other end of the cord was a metal ball which had the effect of pulling Don’s balls downward.Chloe told me to guide Don’s cock into my pussy; I replied “yes Mistress” and pulled his cock slowly forward until he was deep inside me.I moaned softly as his cock was large it felt amazing having him inside me even though he was still not moving.Chloe said “Don, fuck Brandy until you cum” and with a quick reply of “yes Mistress” he started to fuck me rhythmically as I watched him pushing his cock deep inside my pussy.I lay all the way back on the bed and put my arms out to my sides grabbing the bedspread and moaning loudly as Don fucked my pussy fast and hard; my pussy was soaked with my clit swollen and throbbing.Each time he thrust forward he pulled me toward him with his hands on my waist which pressed my clit against his body sending a little shock wave through me making me moan loudly and wanting to cum badly.I didn’t have to wait long until Don started to thrust very fast and let out a loud sound something like “ahhhhh”; I wrapped my legs around him and dug the heels of my boots deep into his thighs. Chloe quickly said “Brandy cum” and almost immediately my back arched high off the bed feeling Don’s throbbing cock deep pulsing deep inside me as he filled my pussy with cum at the same time I was cumming with him.Chloe waited a minute until our bodies started to relax, then said “Don, remove your cock from Brandy and kneel” to which he replied “yes Mistress, pulled out of me and knelt on the floor with his face directly between my legs; he was so close I could feel his warm breath on my pussy.Chloe said “Don, listen carefully.You are to lick every drop of your cum out of Brandy’s pussy, but do not swallow any of it.”He replied “yes Mistress” and began to lick my pussy, but his cum was deep inside me so he was only getting the few drops that remained mixed with some of my juices when had slid his cock out of my pussy.I sat up so as to let gravity do its thing,国产精品国产三级在线专区 spread the lips of my pussy open wide with my fingers, and slowly Don’s cum started to drip from my pussy which Don caught all of lapping it up with his mouth pressed against my pussy.Don had licked me dry, so he stopped and knelt straight up waiting for instructions.Chloe said “Don, do not touch Brandy but transfer all of your cum from your mouth into hers” to which Don nodded.Don knelt on the bed next to me and I lay down and opened my mouth obediently. Don carefully got close to my mouth without touching it and then started to let his cum drizzle into my mouth from his.There was a lot more than I expected, he must not have cum for a long time before today. When the last drop was in my mouth, I only got to savor it for a moment when Chloe said “Brandy, swallow” and I swallowed every bit of it licking the inside of my mouth clean. Chloe instructed Don to stand up which he obediently did.She removed the steel cord from around his scrotum, unzipped the leather mask from his head and put them both in the tray with the other tools.She said “Don, I’m done with you for today.Go in the bathroom, get dressed, and leave.Make sure the door is locked behind you.” to which he replied “yes Mistress” and left Chloe with me in the bedroom by ourselves.Chloe sat down next to me and sighed.She said to me “I don’t have the patience for an obedient but inept Sub, which is why I needed you so I could watch and have you help train him.I may need you to come back again as I think he is going to need a lot of training”; I was flattered and replied “yes Mistress, thank you”.I was so happy I had pleased her. When Chloe heard the front door close as Don left she stood up then told me to remove the domino mask and leather boots she had left for me to wear; it appeared my assistant training role was over and now it was my turn.I was sitting at the edge of the bed and Chloe came to stand directly in front of me.She unzipped the cover from her right breast and the leather encircled it pushing her breast outward. As I gazed at her large areola and partially erect nipple Chloe said “suckle”; so I cupped her breast with both hands squeezing gently and opening my mouth wide sucked on her nipple as a baby would on a bottle.I heard the telltale swish and then the exquisite pain that followed as she smacked my thigh with her stick saying “suck harder”; I moaned softly nodding my head and sucked as hard as I could being careful not to accidentally bite her.She delivered another swish and smack this time on the inside of my thigh, telling me to stop.She leaned back and unzipped the cover over her left breast and said “nibble” to which I replied “yes Mistress”.I cupped her breast with both hands again, this time gently nibbling her nipple with my teeth and caressing the tip with my tongue making her moan softly.After a while, Chloe told me to stop, but no stick this time. Chloe put a pillow at the top of the bed vertically behind me and told me to lie down on it face up.I had to pull my entire body and legs onto the bed to position myself on the pillow.In doing so I had inadvertently closed my legs so they weren’t spread as wide as they had been; Chloe saw this and smacked the inside of both of my thighs with her stick saying “spread your legs wide, I always want your pussy in full view.The pain from the stick was delicious and I spread my legs very wide saying “yes Mistress”.Chloe climbed on the bed and positioned her body so her legs were kneeling on either side of my head and she could lean on the headboard.She instructed me to unzip her panties which I obediently did, reaching all the way around the back to feel for the pull tab on the zipper and unzipping them until they reached the full length about 1 inch from the top of the front.The leather was tight and each side pulled apart until the zippers were pressed against her thighs; the tight leather also pulled on her pussy making the lips spread so I was staring directly inside her.Her pussy was already wet as she lowered herself onto my face and I held her hips as I began to lick gently up each side of her outer pussy until I reached her clit and then back down again; with each lick I moved my tongue a little farther inside her.As I probed deeper and deeper she moaned and glancing up I could see her clenching the headboard of the bed.I knew exactly where her g-spot was and once my tongue was deep enough inside her pussy started to flick my tongue against it making her moan more loudly.I wet my index finger in my own pussy and started to rub Chloe’s ass in small circles, then slid it in and out just a little.Chloe was now pressing hard against my mouth and moving her hips back and forth moaning louder and louder; I could feel her body start to tremble.I quickly removed my finger from her ass and withdrew my tongue; then slipped two fingers in her pussy rubbing her g-spot hard and sucked hard on her clit.Chloe cried out as I felt her pussy clenching my fingers; her whole body shaking.I pressed hard on her clit with my tongue and her g-spot with my fingers as her hips thrust against my face in orgasmic spasms; she cried out with each thrust.Eventually the spasms subsided and she rolled over and lay down next to me; I remained motionless. After a minute or so, Chloe got up and went to her tool box to retrieve an anal plug and a realistic looking dildo with straps. Without a word she proceeded to wet the anal plug in my now engorged wet pussy and slide it in my ass.She slid the dildo deep inside me and secured it to my thighs with the straps so it would not slide out.Using her stick, Chloe started to tap hard on my exposed erect nipples moving back and forth between them, the pain was exciting and made me moan as I squeezed on the dildo in my pussy; this continued until my breasts started to turn bright red from being smacked with the stick.Chloe went back to the box and brought over what looked like a tiny adjustable clamp.She pulled back the skin on either side of my clit with her fingers and twisted a little screw so the clamp squeezed my clit making it hard and exposed with the tip popping out of the end.My clit was hard and throbbing, I moaned loudly but she ignored me making sure the clamp was secure but not too tight.She then got back on the bed and straddled my head again but this time facing in the other direction toward my pussy.She lowered her body so it was positioned over my face again and with both hands I spread her pussy and butt wide which made her sigh deeply.I began to lick Chloe slowly and very lightly from her clit across her wide open pussy all the way to her ass, stopping to run the tip of my tongue around her ass in a little circle each time.It was not long before she started to moan softly and I gradually started to lick harder.After a while I wet my finger in her pussy and slid it slowly inside her ass; while I sucked and nibbled on her clit I slid three fingers deep into her pussy and started to rub her g-spot gently with my fingertips.This had two effects, one expected and the other completely surprised me.First she started to moan loudly and press her body harder against my face moving her hips back and forth which I expected.But she also started to firmly tap my exposed clit with her stick which immediately sent shock waves of pain and pleasure throughout my body making me cry out with each tap.I removed my fingers from her pussy and plunged my tongue deep inside of her licking her g-spot hard and fast with the tip of my tongue while I pressed her swollen clit between two fingers rubbing it fast and hard.Chloe moaned loudly and moved her hips against my face faster pressing down hard as she tapped my clit faster with the stick as well.I felt her hips thrust once in a single spasm which made her cry out and knew she was going to cum very soon.Moments later I heard her breathlessly say “cum Brandy”, and at the same time felt her hips thrust repeatedly against my face I pressed hard on her g-spot with my tongue and her clit with my thumb.Simultaneously my body shook wildly in massive spasms of ecstasy and I could feel my pussy and ass tighten on the dildo and plug with each spasm, both of us crying out loudly with each spasm as we climaxed together.This seemed to go on forever and the pleasure was so intense I could barely stand it.Finally both of us stopped cumming and Chloe was so weak she just lay down stretched across my body with her head resting on my thigh, breathing very hard.I didn’t mention this before, but of all the girls I had been with I liked the taste of Chloe’s pussy the best and there it was swollen and dripping right in front of my face.I held her hips with my hands and pulled her toward me starting to lick her pussy lightly, with each downward stroke of my tongue I stroked the edge of her clit.With each stroke of my tongue her body trembled and it sounded far away but I could hear her moaning.I licked faster and harder feeling her hips start to thrust uncontrollably against me.I felt her legs tighten against the side of my head and heard her say something, but she had covered my ears with her legs so I couldn’t hear her. I kept up the pace until I suddenly felt her fingernails dig into my thighs; I wrapped my arms around her hips and thrust my tongue deep inside her pussy as she came crying out loud enough for me to hear her even with her legs pressed tightly against my ears.When her orgasm subsided she just lay there limp on top of me and I held her close wrapping my arms around her waist, breathing in the wonderful smell of her pussy as I watched her juices drip down her thighs onto my body. We lay there like that for a while and it felt so right having her body pressing down hard against mine I could have just stayed there like that for the rest of the day.But after a while Chloe managed to pull herself up and lie down next to me.She was looking at me and I could tell she had something she wanted to say but didn’t know why she wasn’t just saying it; after all she was my Femdom and I her Sub.She finally broke the silence and asked “Brandy, why didn’t you cum when I commanded you to?”I realized that is what she must have said that I couldn’t hear and replied “I’m sorry Mistress I couldn’t hear you with your legs pressed against my ears, I’ll try harder to please you next time.”She smiled and said “Brandy, you pleased me very much.I was just curious with how well trained you are that you didn’t cum on my command.” That made me very happy.But she then said “of course you will have to be punished for not obeying my command” and I replied “yes, I understand Mistress”.She then got up and removed the clamp, dildo and ass plug from me and tossed them into the tray with the other tools.Chloe put on a strap on dildo she took out from the tool box, picked up a pair of nipple clamps, and came back over to the bed.She told me to get up and lean on my arms and knees; I obediently rolled over and got on my hands and knees.She attached the nipple clamps which were each weighted with metal balls hanging from a chain; they pulled on my nipples so hard it was extremely painful.She struck my ass with her stick until I could feel it start to burn; I moaned softly with each strike.She then struck the edges of my thighs hard once each which made me cry out; she said “spread your legs wider” which I obediently did.She slid the stick between my legs across my pussy pressing hard enough to part the lips of my pussy and over my clit, then started tapping hard with the stick against my swollen pussy and clit making me moan loudly. When my pussy was so wet it started to drip she stopped, put the stick down on the bed and got on the bed kneeling behind me.She positioned the dildo against the outer edge of my pussy then reached forward and slid her hands gently down my sides until she reached my hips.When her hands reached my hips Chloe grabbed them tightly and thrust the dildo deep inside my pussy making me cry out loudly; then started to fuck me fast and hard pulling my hips and thrusting deep inside me with each stroke.I was moaning loudly and could feel an orgasm building inside me when Chloe suddenly pulled the dildo out of my pussy and thrust it deep into my ass; I cried out as the pain coursed through my whole body.She continued grabbing my hips and fucked my ass with the same force as she had my pussy; she couldn’t see it because I was facing away from her but the pain was so intense tears were streaming down my cheeks.Chloe pushed the dildo deep into my ass then reached around and pinched my clit between two fingers and gave the command “cum Brandy”.I instantly came very hard crying out as I felt my muscles repeatedly clench and release on the dildo deep inside my ass, my whole body shaking with a painful orgasmic ecstasy.When my orgasm subsided Chloe pulled the dildo out of my ass, stood up, removed the straps holding it on, removed the nipple clamps, and walked over to drop them in the tray with the other toys and tools.I remained in the position she had left me trying not to move, but my body was still trembling.She came back and grabbed my hair pulling my head upward; she could see the tears that were streaming from my eyes as my body trembled.Chloe said “yes, that will suffice as your punishment.You may lie down now” and I allowed my body to fall flat onto the bed with my arms over my head and my legs still spread wide apart.Chloe sat down on the edge of the bed and spanked my butt once with her hand but not very hard, saying “Brandy, you are a very obedient girl and I know what you’re going to ask so I’ll tell you now that yes you have pleased me today”.I smiled, those words made me so happy. Chloe got up and removed all of her clothing and walked naked toward the bathroom.As I watched her I undress I saw her whole beautiful firm body and started to become aroused again.I realized I wanted to run my hands all over her body, massaging her breasts, and bury my face between her legs so I could taste her delicious pussy again. But Chloe said “I’m going to take a shower.You may get dressed and leave whenever you want” which meant she was done with me for today so I didn’t dare to ask for anything more from her.After I heard her turn the shower on I got up, removed the corset I was wearing and put my clothes on.I left making sure the door was locked behind me and went downstairs to get my bike.I rode home and tried to concentrate on the road rather than the wonderful day I had and fortunately made it all the way without incident.I hoped she was going to call me back again soon to be her training assistant, and I had to wait a little longer than I wanted but eventually she did.But that’s a story for a different post.


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